Soundwave / Melbourne

Added on by Leah Robertson.

Soundwave Festival is a real pleasure to shoot. I think what differentiates it from other big events like Parklife or Laneway is the lack of posturing from punters. I mean, it's as hard to get a candid shot of metal-heads as it is of the tanned and singleted, but folk throwing me the horns instead of their breasts or their studied indifference feels easier to tolerate in the wait for guards to drop.
And it's refreshing, seeing outward, unchecked declarations of fandom. In behaviour and attire. The big bearded guys in the front row with their unembarrassed displays of passion are heartwarming. Slayer shirts get me teary.

Lineup (and pics in order here) include Garbage, Fucked Up, Metallica, The Offspring, Slayer.