Work experience - a wrap-up

Added on by Leah Robertson.

Handing the reins over to Shelby Eade for this one, who's done a stellar job this week at learning about professional photography and putting that knowledge into practice. Here's Shelby:


Hey everyone, my name is Shelby Eade, I am 16 years old currently completing year 11, and I am from a small town called Rochester in northern Victoria.

I have been on work experience with Leah since Monday. She has shown me heaps and I have learned a lot about photography. She has been very encouraging and pushed me to try new things with my skills as an aspiring photographer and to eat some things I usually would never even try!

On Tuesday Leah sent me out on the streets of Melbourne all by myself, only armed with my camera. I went out being scared and came back more confident than ever. A lot of my photos were very interesting and even I surprised myself with what I came back with. There are a lot of very interesting shots that I really like.

This week has made me think about why I want to become a photographer, what style I would like to pursue and how people in the street are very interesting.

I have loved every second of this week and it is definitely one I will never forget. I really appreciate Leah taking me on this week, it has made me fall in love with photography all over again and I am going to follow my dreams of becoming a photographer. There’s no words to say how grateful l I am to have had this opportunity, thank you so much Leah!


We thought street photography might be a fun genre for Shelby to tackle while working in Melbourne. Below are a few series she has developed over the week.




Nice one, Shelby!