Dark MOFO 2013

Added on by Leah Robertson.

It's always nice to put together a little personal selection of images after the client stuff has been filed and published. This is that for my coverage of the incredible, inaugural Dark MOFO. I shot some stuff for the ever hard-working and imaginative Faux Mo curators Supple Fox down there, and a bunch more stuff for TheVine - who also had me write a little intro on the experience.
It begins:

If the purpose of festival photography is to convey something of the punters' experience then I'm not sure how good a job I've done here. Or at least - I don't know how good a job I've done of conveying my own experience.

I have two problems. One: that I've become so personally dedicated to MONA and its festival offshoots that I find it near impossible to translate my devotion into pixels. And two: much of the curated (and non) Dark MONA FOMA program was based in the sensory and experiential - in ‘the mind’s eye’, as David Walsh writes in the festival booklet. Much more so than its summer festival counterpart.

Read it, and view a large selection of pictures here.

Below, though, is my selection. Images I like for whatever reason - mostly because they doesn't remind me too much of something I shot last year. (Although they kind of do - this string of festivals has quite a look to it. Washed colours, smoke, nudity.)